There are certain moments in life that you know only God can script!

recently while out shooting, I ran into a homeless gentlemen named Troy. I asked if I could take a picture of him and he kindly obliged.

After a few moments of conversing, Troy explained how he was just released from the hospital after 90 days for a heart condition, how he was laid of from work after the war in Iraq and hoe he himself served in the military. We went on to talk about his family, children, and grandchildren.

Moments like these really put life into perspective for me. Troy once had dreams and aspirations like me so what's stopping me from possible being in the same position he is in. I mean, anyone can get hit head on by life at any moment.

Here at The K.I.D. Color Project we are all about the encouragement of pursuing your dreams no matter what. Before parting ways with Troy, I was able to pray with him and hopefully give him some words of encourage that will encourage him to keep pushing forward and to never give up on life.

I truly thank The Lord for moments like that and I always embrace them when presented to me!