I  C R E A T E  B E C A U S E  G O D  C R E A T E D.+



The K.I.D. Color Project is a multi-discipline, cultural, creative solutions brand. The K.I.D. Color Project was created to not only to raise a standard of excellence within the culture of creativity, but also to encourage anyone who has ever had a dream to go after that dream no matter what their circumstance is. We are all creatures of creation created by the ultimate Creator and The K.I.D. Color Project strives to encourage the world to realize just that.



V I S U A L  A R T S.+

Visually, The K.I.D. Color Project strives to redefine the thought on beauty. Forget al of the theatrics and extra nonsense that society has grown to accept, let's strip things down to the bare minimum and take a trip into one's soul. Let's re-discover the beauty that God gave us from the beginning and display that the world!


C R E A T I V E  A R T S.+

What are we doing to elevate and move the culture of creative into new and grander atmospheres? What are we doing to elevate the awareness of striving for everything of excellence within our society? Are we impacting the lives of the generations to come and inspiring to relentlessly chase after their dreams an the desires of their hearts? These are all questions that The K.I.D. Color Project strives to answer every single day. We understand that the work that we create goes way beyond satisfying a clients needs. Whether it's helping someone build a brand, or coming up with designs for a fashion house, or curating an art gallery, what we do could possibly spark something in someone else to ant to elevate their standards of life and to be greater than what life puts in front of them. We strive to be a vessel of creativity and insertion and it is imperative that our work is a reflection of that.

I N S T A G R A M.+


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